Kate Hudson says she likes to indulge now and then.
Kate Hudson says she likes to indulge now and then. Bang Showbiz

Kate Hudson to expectations of beauty: 'no thank you'

KATE Hudson likes to "indulge".

The 'Bride Wars' star insists she is not "highly regimented" when it comes to her diet and exercise routines and would rather "live her life" than stick to a healthy regime.

She said: "I like living my life - I'm not highly regimented ... If I want to go out and eat at a restaurant with amazing food, I'll do that, like, once a week where I'm not thinking about it. I want to indulge! I want to do things that are not necessarily healthy sometimes.

"I don't take myself too seriously. That's how I am. Sometimes stress can be good stress. The whole point is that life doesn't ever get easy. And so you have to learn how to enjoy it."

The 36-year-old beauty - who is known for her trim figure - also offered advice to women worried about their appearance, insisting it is far more important to find happiness inside.

She added to SELF magazine: "Find the place where you feel really good in yourself ... We've been programmed to feel like we're under this great obligation as women to look and be a certain way. And that's not our fault. That's what culture and society have gifted us as women. Thank you but no thank you."