Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth and MP for Mt Isa Robbie Katter.
Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth and MP for Mt Isa Robbie Katter. Facebook

Katter MPs prepare for negotiation battle

NO to a sports stadium in Townsville but yes to an inland highway through Queensland; those are two ideas coming from the two Katter's Australian Party men who may be key in determining who forms the Queensland Government.

MP for Mt Isa Robbie Katter and Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth yesterday requested Government information on projects including the Galilee Basin and Brisbane bus and train tunnel so they could be in a better position to negotiate if there is a hung parliament.

The men are currently working through their key priorities to prepare for negotiations if needed.

One thing is for sure though; they are keen on an inland highway through regional Queensland.

"Every year that Bruce Hwy gets cut off," Mr Knuth said.

"People try to access that inland highway but the bridges are too low. We're getting sick and tired of hearing they're going to look into funding the inland highway and when it comes to election time, they talk about sport stadiums.

"We want to build an inland highway so it relieves traffic congestion off the coast and it breathes life into those small country towns."

The Toowoomba range bypass, manufacturing electric trains in Maryborough rather than importing them and building a railway line to open up the Galilee Basin coalfields are part of their key policies.

They are also against allowing foreign FIFO workers in Queensland mines and allowing the sale of agricultural land and other strategic assets to foreign corporations.

Mr Knuth and Mr Katter said they would start negotiating, if needed, with major parties once the vote count was finalised and leadership teams were decided.

Mr Knuth said they had not spoken to Labor at all but had already had discussions with "key players of the LNP".

"At this point it is very important to enter into some form of discussion; likewise we will be doing the same thing with the Labor party."

He said they did not prefer one party over the other at this point.

"We are not in love with the Labor party or the LNP. None of them have done us any favours," Mr Knuth said.