Keegan Bradley warms up at The Lakes ahead of the Australian Open. (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)
Keegan Bradley warms up at The Lakes ahead of the Australian Open. (AAP Image/Brendan Esposito)

Quirky golf star takes a shine to Australia

Tweak Twirl. Twitch. Who said the Australian Open was devoid of characters?

The stop, prop, set up and swing of American golfer Keegan Bradley has taken off on social media like one of his 299-metre drives.

Bradley, who switched from snow-ski racing to golf as a teenager, smiled when asked if he took offence to the work of a cheeky fan who has taken to Instagram with a hilariously quirky video and impression of the 2011 PGA Championship winner.

"There's a guy recently who did some Instagram videos that I loved,'' Bradley said on Tuesday.

"Very unique. It's different (my style), but it sets me apart.

"But I really love that guy's videos. Everybody was messaging me about it and showing me, so it was great.

"I couldn't believe it. My wife was laughing so hard at it, she loved it.''

The world No.30 is an exception to the rule in this year's Open as one of the few world-class American's willing to travel to Australia for the Open.

"Well, I've always wanted to come down and play some of these tournaments,'' Bradley said.

"I've grown up watching them at home and it's always big for an American player, I feel like, to play a little bit more globally. It's easy for us to just stick to the PGA Tour.

"But I just remember as a kid, the Tour would wind down and you were kind of jostling to watch some golf.

"This is before the FedExCup, and I always remember on the Golf Channel watching these tournaments and as a kid being excited.

"They were all on different times (in the US), so you would come home after school and be able to watch golf.

"And Australia plays a big part in the world in golf.''


Keegan Bradley has enjoyed a successful season.
Keegan Bradley has enjoyed a successful season.

Bradley believes he's in the best form of his life having enjoyed a resurgence on the PGA Tour this year by winning the BMW Championship and a FedEx Cup playoffs event in August.

He's targeting the Stonehaven Cup following a most recent sixth at last week's HSBC Champions in China.

"Right now it's the best I've ever been,'' Bradley said.

" I think I'm a much more well rounded player.

"I had to tackle the putting issue, which was a lot harder than I expected, and if I keep improving with the way I'm putting and my technique there, as a whole I think my game is a lot better, it's a lot sharper.

"But it's taken a lot of work with the putter and I've got to keep going on that.''