Kevin Bacon is alive and well and nowhere near Ipswich.
Kevin Bacon is alive and well and nowhere near Ipswich. Bang Showbiz

Kevin Bacon not dead near Ipswich

HEARD the rumour about Hollywood star Kevin Bacon dying in a car crash while holidaying in Ipswich the other day?

Well the Queensland Police media unit did.

Early yesterday morning they were inundated with calls from global entertainment news outlets wanting to confirm or deny an internet rumour that the Footloose heartthrob died here in Ipswich.

It forced them to announce on their official Twitter page that no, Bacon was not fried in our city.

“We can happily confirm that Kevin Bacon was NOT killed in a car crash in Qld overnight,” they Tweeted Thursday morning.

“We did enjoy talking to every entertainment writer on the planet (or it seemed that way) though,” they said shortly afterwards.

American website and TV show Entertainment Tonight reported on the rumour, but cleared up his whereabouts by confirming with Bacon’s representative that he is in Atlanta shooting the film Jayne Mansfield’s Car.

However, his representative did not say whether he intended on holidaying in Ipswich in the future.