Kevin Bacon's 'disturbing' day as a normal person

BEMOANING fame is a favourite pastime of the Hollywood elite.

It shouldn't be, argues incredibly famous Footloose and EE star Kevin Bacon, who, to prove his point, claims he spent an entire day in a mask pretending to be an ordinary civilian.

"It was almost disturbing," he told Haute Living LA of the experience.

"People kind of looked right through me and weren't nice. I've had fame for so long that I can't really get my head around what life would be like without it."

On what life is like with it, he said: "People say, 'I love you!' at random. People give you free s**t for no reason, put you at good tables in restaurants, give you tickets to shows.

"Come on, to complain about it… Fame is 99.9 per cent good."