Junior youth and children's group
Junior youth and children's group

Kids Nature Walk

We, the Bahai Children’s class and Junior Youth group of Mackay, meet weekly to try to improve our spiritual qualities, intellectual capacities and contribute to the betterment of our local community. Our aim is to build a diverse group of friends who contribute to society at a community level.
We went on an excursion to form stronger bonds of friendship, celebrate our progress and get back to nature. We traveled in a ‘troopy’ with 9 people, to our first (unplanned) stop; a string of mulberry trees where we stained our hands gorging on the sweet berries. We then participated in a community treasure hunt for geocashes (hidden containers which you find and return).
The next stop was the Midden walking track were we visited the ‘shell pile’ (a midden) where local indigenous peoples (Yuwibera people had eaten together for thousands of years. It was very interesting to be able to look into the past.
We spent the remainder of the afternoon bonding over a beach game of soccer at Cape Hillsborough.
This trip taught us about the Aboriginal culture, teamwork, unity and a bit about the native plants in the area. Overall, we had a wonderful and educational day.