High tea can be the unreachable dream for a little girl who takes things literally.
High tea can be the unreachable dream for a little girl who takes things literally. IRYNA KAZLOVA

Kids say the darndest things...

OH, THE stuff that comes out of little kids' mouths.

It's hilarious, heartwarming, niaive and often so truthful it's like a slap across the face. And children nearly always take what adults say literally, which makes for some very funny, yet confusing conversations.

As part of a special girls' night, I was going to do a high tea for Miss Three one Saturday night. I got so excited planning the food I would make and dressing up for the occasion that I couldn't help but spill the beans. But when I told Miss Three excitedly that we were going to indulge in a high tea, she looked concerned. "But mum, I won't be able to reach it.”

My instant reaction was to laugh. Yet in hindsight it was a perfectly reasonable thing for her to think.

And it is this naivety that I will miss as my kids grow up, as I'm sure many of you will and already do.

So in the name of keeping the child in all of us alive, and enjoying the simple things in life, here are some of the stranger conversations I never thought I'd have, until I had kids. Please tell us yours and share the smiles around.

Me: "I'm just going to jump through the shower.”

Miss Three: "No mum, you'll hurt yourself.”

Me: "Can anyone name one of the seasons?”

Master Five: "Mango season.”

Me: "Does anyone know what day it is?”

Miss Three: "Ladies Day.”

Master Five: "May 19, 2017.” (Both correct, but I pointed out it was also Friday.)

Me: "Please don't wee in that!”

Miss Three: "Don't worry mum, it's just water. All I've had today is water.”

Master Five: "Why does my bum hurt?” (while sitting on the loo.)

Me: "Because it's a hard poo, you need to drink more water.”

Master Five: "Well can you please get me some so my poo will come out?”