Technical crews are on their way to fix a mass phone outage at Kilkivan.
Technical crews are on their way to fix a mass phone outage at Kilkivan. JOEL CARRETT

UPDATE: Technicians scramble to fix Kilkivan mobile problem

UPDATE 1.55pm: Work crews are still trying to rectify a mobile outage that has left Kilkivan Great Horse Ride goers without reception.

Telstra technicians are currently on site undertaking repairs to the Kilkivan mobile base station.

While the 4G network and landline telephones have remained operational, the 3G mobile network has not been working, a Telstra spokeswoman confirmed this afternoon.

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UPDATE 6.26PM: Telstra has identified that the cause of the 3G network outage at Kilkivan today is a piece of hardware.

A new part for that hardware is tonight being sourced from Bundaberg and it is expected the outage will be corrected before Kilkivan's big day tomorrow - the annual Kilkivan Great Horse Ride.

Landlines and the 4G network are still working out there.

UPDATE 4.40PM: The Telstra technician dispatched to fix the massive Kilkivan outage is not expected to arrive on site until 5.30pm.

It's expected that it will then take up to 90 minutes to identify the fault.

At this stage it seems that the fault is confined to the 3G network as 4G appears to be working OK.

EARLIER 4PM: TECHNICIANS are still baffled by the mass phone outage at Kilkivan, and people in the region are still at least 90 minutes away from help.

It is understood that, while the affected tower signalled the fault, not enough information was given to pinpoint the problem.

It is understood the problem lies with the 3G network.

The outage has left struck on the eve of the Kilkivan Great Horse Ride, and has left crowds with no mobile or eftpos service.

EARLIER 3.15PM: TELSTRA crews are rushing to Kilkivan to deal with a mass outage which has struck on the eve of the Great Horse Ride.

Eftpos and mobile service dropped out, stranding the crowds in a telecommunications wasteland just past 1pm today.

It is understood an issue with the 3G network caused the outage, and technical services from Telstra have been sent.

It is not known where the fault lies, or when service will be restored.