Lionel Patea. Photo: Facebook
Lionel Patea. Photo: Facebook

Killer bikie denies prison guard attack

A BIKIE accused of assaulting a corrections officer has told Townsville Magistrates Court he wouldn't admit to something he didn't do.

"I pleaded guilty to two murders because I did it, I didn't do this," Lionel John Patea said.

The former Bandidos bikie was transferred from Lotus Glen Correctional Centre to Townsville Correctional Centre in January 2019.

He is serving two life sentences for murdering Gold Coast man Greg Dufty and his partner and the mother of his daughter Tara Brown.

Patea is accused of assaulted a Townsville corrections officer on the day he was brought to the Townsville prison.

He pleaded not guilty to a charge of common assault.

He became agitated after a CD player, which did not belong to Patea, was removed from his transferred belongings.

The court heard Patea was taken to his cell, where he began to swear, and threaten officers who were attempting to cuff him and move him to the detention unit.

Prosecution used footage from born-worn cameras and CCTV footage to show Patea head butting and kicking the cell door.

When asked, Patea agreed that he could have "complied" with officers, but said he was agitated after spending six months in solitary and having his CD player taken away.

When officers in helmets with a protective shield entered the cell, Patea alleged grabbed hold of the shield and struck an officer.

In his evidence, Patea said footage prosecutor Kellie Mythen used to show him allegedly assaulting the officer was unclear.

Ms Mythen said the footage showed Patea hitting an officer with his elbow, but the former Bandidos enforcer disagreed.

"I wasn't in the best headspace, but I tell you right now, I didn't assault someone," Patea said.

"If you're trying to tell me I elbowed old mate (the corrections officer), I want to see a clearer version of it, because I didn't (elbow him)."

Ms Mythen said while the footage was not clear, it showed contact between Patea's elbow and an officer.

Lawyer Campbell MacCallum has represented Patea in the past.
Lawyer Campbell MacCallum has represented Patea in the past.

Patea's counsel, Campbell MacCallum of Moloney, MacCallum and Abdelshaied Lawyers poked holes in the investigation into the alleged assault and said it seemed the investigating officer was "ignorant" of situations and circumstances in which corrections officers were able to use force.

Magistrate Cathy Wadley said she would take time to consider the evidence and view the footage before making a decision.

Not date is set for a ruling.