Darren Anthony Lightbody.
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Killer driver says three-year sentence too much

DARREN Anthony Lightbody's driving killed an 86-year-old woman.

After the crash he left, changed clothes and went to the pub.

Now Lightbody is appealing the three-year jail term, to serve just 12 months behind bars, claiming it was manifestly excessive.

On November 26, 2016, Lightbody crashed into the back of a stationary Subaru van that was indicating to turn into a driveway on the Steve Irwin Way.

The crash pushed the Subaru into the path of a Toyota Corolla, injuring the 69-year-old driver and killing the 86-year-old passenger.

Lightbody left the scene of the crash, changed his clothes and bought a rum and coke at a nearby Landsborough pub. He then returned to the scene and told police he had caused the crash.

He pleaded guilty at the Maroochydore District Court last year to dangerous driving causing death and grievous bodily harm and leaving the scene of a crash.

On Wednesday Lightbody took his case to Queensland Court of Appeal stating his three-year sentence, that he had to serve 12-months of behind bars, claiming the sentence was too harsh.

Lightbody's barrister Christopher Wilson told the court his client's crime had been momentarily inattentive driving that had caused the crash.

He said the sentence reflected someone who had been intoxicated or looking at the phone.

Mr Wilson said although the consequences of the crash had to be considered, the dangerous driving charge related to how he was driving.

But prosecutor Caroline Marco said other cases of dangerous driving where a person was killed and other badly injured had led to more significant jail terms than Lightbody received.

Ms Marco said it had not been possible for police properly check if Lightbody had been drinking before the crash as he went to the pub after the crash.

The court will release its decision at a later date.-NewsRegional