Killer’s shocking history revealed days after murder conviction


THE shocking history of a man convicted of murder has been revealed just days after he was handed a life sentence.

On Monday, a jury found Daniel Andrew Novley, 34, guilty of murder after a six day trial in the Townsville Supreme Court.

It took jurors just over four hours to return a guilty verdict four years after police found the body of Rodney Ferrar, 30, bloodied and beaten in the room he had rented at Sturt Lodge.

While deciding Novley's fate, the jury were not told about some of his most unsavoury crimes, including a previous conviction for sexual penetration of a child under 16.

Daniel Novley told police he had been doing
Daniel Novley told police he had been doing "the dirty" with his co accused in the moments before police found the body of their neighbour at Sturt Lodge in 2016. In his own murder trial, he admitted this was a lie.

The Victorian Magistrates Court confirmed Daniel Benjamin Novley, a name previously used by the murderer, pleaded guilty in the Horsham Magistrates' Court to sexually penetrating a child in March 2010.

The case was later moved to the Victorian County Court where Novley was convicted and slapped with jail time.

Other parts of his history that were hidden from the jury include a string of assaults.

Also in March 2010, he was convicted and sentenced at the Horsham Magistrates' Court to one month imprisonment, wholly suspended, for unlawful assault.

He was also convicted of an assault in 2014.

Novley's own defence team gave insight into his troubled upbringing and tumultuous family life as he was sentenced on Monday.

Barrister Joseph Briggs said Novley experienced homelessness and began using illicit drugs in his early teens.

"Drugs have always been a significant feature of his life. It is quite disappointing. He took his first shot of amphetamine when he was 12," Mr Briggs said.

"His uncle … was selling that drug and had it at home and my client was stealing it.

"He then began to use ice when he was 20 to 21 years old. He quickly became addicted to that."

Mr Briggs said Novley also used heroin and marijuana from a "young" age.

Originally published as Killer's shocking history revealed days after murder conviction