Kim Jong-un ‘to launch nuke today’ to mark dad’s death

EXPERTS fear trigger-happy Kim Jong-un will mark the anniversary of his dad's death with a real bang today - by launching a huge nuke.

They say the deluded despot may shock the world and commemorate the demise of brutal Kim Jong-il with another controversial missile test.

A Washington DC think-tank has warned of potential "weapons of mass destruction activities" in the rogue state with today seen as a possible date for a new ballistic missile test, reports The Sun.


Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 and in the past, Pyongyang has marked such commemorations with rocket tests and military drills.

Experts fear a symbolic event could be now planned for the anniversary.

On numerous dates during the year, citizens are expected to visit statues of the pair to leave flowers, while portraits hang in every home.

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC have warned a test is likely to take place.

They said there was an "elevated chance of provocations" this month, with a "ballistic missile test expected on December 17th".

The group said North Korea has favoured "high missile test activity" in December over the past five years, increasing fears of a strike.

Meanwhile Kim Jnr has vowed to develop more nuclear weapons following the success of Pyongyang's most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile the Hwasong-15.

Hwasong-15, which was test-launched to much controversy on November 29, has been largely perceived by analysts and government officials to have a range that can reach all of the mainland United States.

Kim Jong-il and his father Kim il-Sung, founding member of North Korea's current dictatorial dynasty, are seen as demigods in the rogue state.

Earlier this year another think tank warned symbolic dates were often used by Pyongyang to send warnings to the West.

Ahead of North Korea's founding anniversary, he said: "I think another ICBM test to be honest with you could come on September 9. The North Koreans love to put on a big show for their big national holiday."

This article was first published in The Sun.