Kirra McLoughlin
Kirra McLoughlin

Kirra’s de facto partner expected to give evidence today

KIRRA McLoughlin’s de facto partner was “very stressed”, wouldn’t get in the car and kept saying he had blood on him on the night Ms McLoughlin sustained the critical head injuries that killed her.


That information was stated before the Gympie District Court as more witnesses took the stand on Day 2 of the coronial inquest into Ms McLoughlin’s July 2014 death yesterday.

One of those witnesses was the mother of Ms McLoughlin’s partner, who told the court she had come to pick him and some of his family members up from the Beenham Valley Rd home where there had been a fight earlier on the night of July 16.

Kirra McLoughlin
Kirra McLoughlin

The woman detailed that her son returned to the house later that night to be with Ms McLoughlin, and that in a phone call she could hear both of them saying that “everything was fine”.

She said she had a clear recollection of hearing Ms McLoughlin’s voice on that call.

By the next afternoon, the partner had been unable to wake Ms McLoughlin, and she was eventually rushed to hospital.

The court previously heard Ms McLoughlin’s body had 105 bruises or signs of injury according to a 27-page autopsy report conducted after she died in the Gold Coast University Hospital on July 18, 2014.

Her cause of death was recorded as a traumatic brain injury.

Kirra McLoughlin
Kirra McLoughlin

The woman agreed with submissions that her son had a history of domestic violence towards not only Ms McLoughlin but his other partners, but maintained that in each case they had also been violent to him.

She said “they were as bad as each other” in reference to her son and Ms McLoughlin’s relationship.

The man’s sister also gave evidence, detailing a fistfight she had been in with Ms McLoughlin on the night of July 16.

She said she punched Ms McLoughlin in the head four times, but was not sure where exactly she had landed the blows.

She told the court she had struggled to sleep since the night Ms McLaughlin suffered her injuries because she couldn’t live with the possibility that she had caused her death.

She also said her brother had told her “you didn’t do it” in a conversation they had some time after Ms McLoughlin’s death.

An expert neurosurgeon also gave evidence, laying out seven possible scenarios as to how Ms McLoughlin sustained her injuries and ultimately died.

Ms McLoughlin’s partner is one person expected to give evidence on the final day of the inquest today.