The cast of the new, third series of Celebrity Apprentice.
The cast of the new, third series of Celebrity Apprentice. Contributed - Channel 9/WIN

Knives are sharpened

THE knives are out in the new series of Celebrity Apprentice.

The Voice star Prinnie Stevens was the first celeb sent packing from the boardroom by show boss Mark Bouris earlier this week.

All eyes will be on the women's team next week to see if they come back from their loss in the debut fish and chips challenge.

The first challenge was a big learning curve for swimming's golden girl Stephanie Rice, who raised her fair share of money but clashed with a few of her team mates.

Celebrity Apprentice - Nine/WIN - Tuesday at 8pm Qld, 8.30pm NSW

"I didn't expect to be as nervous as I was (in the boardroom)," said the 24-year-old, who is raising money for the Heart Foundation's Jump Rope for Heart.

"You want to answer the question as best as you can and you want to make sure your wording is spot-on because you say one thing wrong and they really screw you over later on. It's hard to say to your friends 'I think you were not that good'.

"The first taste of it was very hard, but I'm much more prepared for it this time around."

She hopes viewers will get to see a different side to her outside the pool.

"People don't see what I do day to day, they just see five seconds after a race.

"This gives everyone an opportunity to see how I work day to day and an insight into my personality I've never been able to show."

Rice said she's ready to put the dramas of the boardroom behind her and focus on next week's challenge.

"Coming out of the boardroom you go 'that's done, it's a new day tomorrow'," she said.

Next week's show will feature a Tim Tam challenge in Sydney's Pitt Street Mall.

"I think it's going to be interesting to see how many people used all their contacts in the first round and how many people still have people they can call on, because we raised a lot of money in that first round," said Stephanie.

A so-called villain, like Deni Hines from series one, has yet to emerge, although PR queens Prue MacSween and Roxy Jackenko both seemed to clash with their team mates.