Kronic 3 gram packet: Legally available in Queensland.
Kronic 3 gram packet: Legally available in Queensland. Darren Pateman

A Kronic concern for mine sites?

THE Queensland mining industry has called on health authorities to look into the legality of synthetic cannabis amid concerns miners could be using the product on dangerous worksites.

Marijuana replacement product Kronic is sold in stores around Brisbane and Queensland such as Off Ya Tree, as well as being readily available through online distributors.

The Australian Medical Association has called for the product to be banned in Western Australia over concern employees in dangerous work environments, such as miners, were not able to be stopped from using the product.

The Queensland Resources Council referred concerns about the drug to the Health Minister Geoff Wilson's office after Triple J's Hack program brought the product to the council's attention last month.

Hack revealed miners nationwide were using the drug which delivers similar highs as marijuana but is made of a mix of herbs, chemicals and synthetic cannaboids.

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