A US News TV program has passed off racist jokes as the names of the pilots involved in the Asiana Airlines crash last week in San Francisco.

The news anchor reported that the US National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) had confirmed the names as Captain Sum Ting Wong (Something Wrong), Wi Tu Lo (We're Too Low), Ho Lee Fuk (Holy F&%#) and Bang Ding Ow (sounds of crashing).

KTVU later issued an apology and a correction, claiming that the NTSB had confirmed the names as being correct.

"These names were not accurate despite an NTSB official in Washington confirming them".

No name for the NTSB official mentioned was provided.

The crew's real names were Captain Lee Jeong-min (Flight Commander) and Captain Lee Kang-kook (training pilot).

Two people were killed in the crash.