Labor held 'hostage' over same-sex marriage

A Queensland Family First candidate has accused the "far-Left inner-city ideologues" within Labor ranks of taking the party "hostage" over its decision to bind its caucus to supporting same-sex marriage from 2019.

Former LNP candidate Rod McGarvie, whose run at the last federal election almost toppled Wayne Goss from his seat, announced his switch to a Family First Senate ticket earlier this month, citing split support for same-sex marriage within the federal LNP as one of the reasons for his move.

He said Labor's decision to scrap conscience votes on the issue come 2019 was "repressive" and "cruel".

"The total disconnect between Labor's left factions and the broader community regarding such a foundational institution is staggering," he said in a statement.

"The Labor Party members that value our cultural norms and traditions face an extraordinary dilemma due to the intolerance and hostility of those on the party's left.

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