Ron Dyne, David Crisafulli and David Gibson in Gympie yesterday.
Ron Dyne, David Crisafulli and David Gibson in Gympie yesterday.

Labor warns on the fine print

IT WOULD be fantastic if Queensland's flood prone towns and cities could be protected for $50 million, Shadow Treasurer Curtis Pitt said yesterday.

"Unfortunately it would also be a miracle and sadly Local Government Minister David Crisafulli is no miracle worker," he said.

"Mr Crisafulli has been suggesting that his $50 million plan will be a game changer, but it's just another Newman Government con because $50 million will not pay for the levees being proposed for Rockhampton and Gympie, let alone what would be needed to flood-proof Bundaberg or Toowoomba or Gladstone or Cairns.

"In fact, if you read the fine print of what Mr Crisafulli has said this week, the $50 million he has announced to construct flood defences across Queensland will come from existing grant programs like Royalties for Regions.

"The government isn't serious enough on this issue to commit a cent of new money.

"So it's a trick.

"If, for example, Rockhampton Regional Council wants to proceed with the proposal to build a $39 million levee to protect Depot Hill, will Mr Crisafulli provide the funds or will the council have to go into debt?

"The minister has admitted some of the projects in his plan will require considerable federal contributions not yet sourced and he is yet to explain if the $50 million is a one-off commitment or will be recurring."