Labor's bloodbath across Qld

LABOR has been annihilated across Queensland and is likely be left with just seven seats in the 89-seat parliament.

ABC election analyst Antony Green initially had estimated 10 seats for Labor but rounded down the number as the extent of the bloodbath became apparent.

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Mr Green said the Liberal National Party was on track for an unprecedented majority of 78 seats.

He said Katter's Australian Party would likely take two seats and there would be two independents.

The Greens are not expected to win any seats.

A triumphant Campbell Newman told party faithful his job would start in the morning.

"We're determined that Queenslanders will walk tall as citizens of the greatest state in the greatest country," he said.

He called on his supporters to applaud Anna Bligh for her performance during last year's disasters.

"I want to acknowledge and thank the Premier for her service to Queensland and particularly ... her inspirational leadership during the 2011 floods and Cyclone Yasi."

He also thanked Labor's Kate Jones for putting up a tough fight in Ashgrove.

But the biggest applause came when he thanked his family, in particular his wife Lisa who has been with him during most of the election campaign.

"Thank you for your love and support, I'm so very proud of you," he said.

"I thank you for your trust," he also told voters.

"You have spoken decisively and emphatically and delivered a strong government so that we can deliver for you and get this great state back on track.

"It will always, always be about you."

Labor's showing has been variously described as horrific, harrowing and nothing short of shocking, with Ms Bligh presiding over Queensland Labor's darkest day.

Her predecessor Peter Beattie said the result could sentence Labor to five terms in the political wilderness.

LNP deputy leader Tim Nicholls said Queenslanders would now be able to drive from Currumbin to Cape York and from Brisbane to Boulia without going through a Labor seat.

"It's an enormous change in the political landscape here in Queensland and it's been a great exercise in democracy," he said.

"There's a great task ahead of the new government.

"With this sort of majority comes an enormous responsibility and I think we are very much alert to that responsibility and we are ready to get on with the job."

Ms Bligh's cabinet has been almost entirely wiped out, with 10 ministers losing their seats to LNP candidates.