Colleen Hill and Lewis Mathiesen.
Colleen Hill and Lewis Mathiesen. Supplied

Landlubbers find their sea legs

SUNSHINE Coast residents unsure about a cruise holiday are being encouraged to find their sea legs like local couple Colleen Hill and Lewis Mathiesen.

The Warana Beach couple were among a group of landlubbers filmed experiencing their first ever cruise as part of P&O Cruises' landmark campaign, which boldly challenged six self-confessed non-cruisers to take a holiday at sea in order to dispel some common myths about cruising.

Each of the six winners were filmed as they cruised through the Pacific Islands enjoying action-packed shore tours, fine dining at Salt grill by Luke Mangan, entertaining shows and relaxing spas onboard Pacific Jewel.

As shown in the videos, which can be viewed online at P&O Cruises, the landlubbers quickly found their sea legs, a love for cruising and the added bonus of new friendships.

Before the cruise Lew thought it would be like "a floating RSL club" but he instead found fine dining at Salt Grill, friendly passengers wanting to relax and have fun and great shoretours like hiking in Lifou and snorkelling in warm tropical waters.

"I just had this stereotype image in my head about what going on a cruise would be like…a lot of people stuck onboard doing the same thing every day. But you're not - it's a great experience," he said.

Carnival Australia, which operates P&O Cruises, senior vice president Jenny Lourey said the cruise line had been rewarded for going where none had before by seeking out landlubbers to quash any misconceptions about cruising.

"Our landlubber winners have confirmed what we already know, that cruising offers a fun, entertaining and great value holiday to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

"Almost half a million Australians took a cruise holiday last year and that number is continuing to surge as more people appreciate how easy and relaxing a cruise holiday is," Ms Lourey said.

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