PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Cooloola's Christian College's Amy Chapman has been voted as the region's top teacher.
PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Cooloola's Christian College's Amy Chapman has been voted as the region's top teacher. Donna Jones

Landside victory for Gympie's favourite teacher

GYMPIE, it seems, has the lion's share of great teachers with 79 nominees in our "Top Teachers” poll on Facebook.

The runaway winner, with 16 per cent of the vote, is Cooloola Christian College's Amy Chapman.

Mrs Chapman's lead was never truly contested throughout the polling period, which closed at midnight on Sunday.

The poll results.

Second and third positions are a different story with a tie for second between Miss Skinner, a Gympie Central School Prep teacher, and Chatsworth State School's Leesa Millard, both on five per cent.

Third position was also close, with Joann Jenkins from James Nash State High School and Lee Corbett from Victory College sharing the bronze on four per cent each.

The 79 total finalists were put forward after The Gympie Times readers nominated them through Facebook.

The support for Mrs Chapman was evident almost immediately after nominations started rolling in, with one glowing review coming from Molly Venema:

"Definitely Amy Chapman at CCC.

"Having her as a teacher is the best thing that's happened for my daughter.

"She loves going to school every day, feels respected and supported and always comes home feeling great about herself,” Ms Venema said.

"Amy has brought out a whole new side of my daughter, and is a very nurturing and compassionate teacher. We are so thankful to have her teaching my daughter this year.”

Mrs Chapman has been a teacher at CCC for the past four years, with the past two of those teaching Prep students. She said she was speechless at the nomination and win.

"Yeah definitely a bit of a shock, I wasn't expecting it,” she said.

"It's not just me who puts in a lot of work but it's the whole team. Every teacher does a wonderful job.”

Mrs Chapman said teaching was a challenging job, but it had its rewards.

"It's just about working and connecting with your students and this is one of the reasons I love teaching the younger children,” she said.

"The Prep students come into an environment where they just say 'wow' and for them it's about wanting to learn and explore.

"I love seeing the huge change from when they first started in the beginning of the year to when they finish the school year.”

Mrs Chapman spends hours writing up her term plan - ensuring her students' needs are all met via an inquiry-based learning method.

Inquiry-based learning is a more structured approach to developmental learning, encouraging students to become co-creators of their learning, developing student skills in self-direction, research, critical thinking and problem solving, and developing discipline, knowledge and skills.

"I'd like to thank everyone who nominated me,” she said.

"I work at a very beautiful school with a very supportive team.”