Alexis Jeffery.
Alexis Jeffery. Contributed

Last moments of Alexis Jeffery's life played to the court

STREET camera footage of Alexis Jeffery just hours before she was murdered has been played to Toowoomba Supreme Court.

The footage shows Ms Jeffery and the man accused of her murder, Robert Ian Trebeck, walking on Marshall St, Goonidiwindi, in the early hours of Sunday, March 16, 2014.

Dan Rowsell told the court minutes earlier he had come across the pair as he drove on Marshall St and he had stopped and offered Ms Jeffery a lift home.

However, when she declined, he had dropped $20 in her lap and told her she was better off getting a taxi.

Some minutes later after he returned to his car, Trebeck had appeared at his passenger window, dropped the $20 into his car and said: "She doesn't want your 20 bucks, man".

As he and Trebeck talked, Ms Jeffrey had walked on and was "a couple of hundred yards" up the road.

He had then given Trebeck a lift up to her where Trebeck got out, Mr Rowsell said.

CCTV footage from the Royal Hotel shows Ms Jeffery walking barefoot with her shoes in her hand and Trebeck catching up to her and grabbing her left hand.

Hours later, Ms Jeffery's almost naked body was found on the banks of the Macintyre River.

Police claim she had been strangled with a leg of her own jeans.

Trebeck has pleaded not guilty to murdering her.

Police Sergeant Dan Clarke told the court he and partner Constable Troy Moxley had been doing street patrols of Goondiwindi about 3am and had come across Ms Jeffrey and a man who they later believed to be Trebeck in the children's play area in Town Park further west on Marshall St.

He said Ms Jeffery approached the car and she had appeared fine, telling the officers she was being "a big kid" and playing on the children's play equipment.

They had appeared to have been "intimate", he said.

The trial continues.