Debris caught in a tree near Imbil following the 2012 crash.
Debris caught in a tree near Imbil following the 2012 crash.

Lawyer jailed for fleecing Imbil plane crash victims

A FORMER solicitor who fleeced $1.8 million from two estates, including that of plane crash victims John and Carol Dawson, both 63, who were killed in 2012 near Imbil, will be eligible for parole next year.


The Courier Mail reported yesterday that Russell William Biddle was sentenced in the Brisbane District Court to a head jail term of 7.5 years, after pleading guilty to multiple fraud offences.

The court heard he had personally repaid $172,114.73 to the Dawsons' estate - the couple died when the vintage biplane they were aboard crashed into rugged bushland near Borumba Dam during low cloud on October 1, 2012.

Experienced pilot Des Porter, 68, his wife Kath, 61, Les D'Evlin, 75, and his wife Janice, 61, also died in the crash on their way home from an air show at Monto.

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The Courier Mail reported that Biddle had also helped himself to another estate, but had not paid back any of that money.

Instead, the Queensland Law Society's fidelity fund had outlaid more than $950,000 between the two estates, though both still remained short.

The beneficiary of the Dawson estate was a woman who allegedly engaged Biddle Lawyers to manage the proceeds.

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