ONE OF THE BEST: Harley Ingleby at the 2019 GoPro Creator Summit.
ONE OF THE BEST: Harley Ingleby at the 2019 GoPro Creator Summit. Harley Ingleby

Leading GoPro creative shares tips on how to make it big

HE'S one of Australia's top surfers but Harley Ingleby doesn't just shine in front of the lens, he also knows how to handle himself behind it.

Harley, a two-time longboarding world champion, is one of the nation's leading creatives. His masterful skills with a camera in hand is the envy of many.

Harley said filming and editing, predominantly with GoPro's, has given him another platform to express himself. 

"I got into it about seven years ago when GoPro released their HD HERO," Harley said.

"I bought one to give it a go and it just snowballed from there. Being a surfer I'd worked with videographers and photographers before but I'd never done any editing myself. 

"I taught myself how to edit so I could show people what surfing was like from my view."

Harley was recently invited to attend the 2019 GoPro Creator Summit in Western Australia, with top creatives from around the world all uniting for an incredible four days. 

"It was amazing, I've been to northwest WA before and it's one of my favourite places in the world to visit," Harley said of the experience.  

"I've been lucky enough to go on their different athlete and creative summits before, it's awesome being around like-minded and interesting people. 

"They put on a lot of training for us so we could become better creators."

Harley Ingleby is all smiles at the GoPro Creator Summit.
Harley Ingleby is all smiles at the GoPro Creator Summit. GoPro

Harley began his journey as a creator with minimal knowledge, but after years of honing his craft he has now amassed an audience of more than 50,000 followers on his Instagram and Facebook

The 36-year-old said the best advice he has for someone looking to step into the world of content creation was to focus on their passion. 

"I think the key is to capture something they find interesting. You've just got to let the camera roll, you never know when something will pop up.

"If you want to get your channel better don't do too much, concentrate on the things you know resonate with your audience and do it regularly.

"I think you should have an edit in mind as well. Though it's pretty easy these days with QuikStories because it will edit clips automatically for you. 

"As you get more familiar with shooting and editing it's easier to stand out and create some cool stuff."

Harley chooses to shoot with the GoPro HERO7 Black, though he said all GoPro's have the ability to capture incredible footage.