BANJO'S chef Damien Rogers has a message for the people who looted the iconic restaurant while the Whitsunday community was in lock down over Cyclone Debbie.

"Leave town, you are not welcome in the Whitsundays if you want to do that," he said.

"This is the biggest cyclone I have ever seen and for someone to go around stealing while people are locked down, you are lower than dog s**t as far as I'm concerned."

During the eye of the storm at 4pm yesterday, Mr Rogers inspected the venue for signs of damage.

He returned at 6am this morning to find the thieves had taken their window of opportunity to steal everything they could.

Thousands of dollars of top-shelf alcohol was stolen, the safe ripped out of the office, security cameras destroyed and football tipping money taken.

Banjo's chefs Damien Rogers and JD Little are devastated that their business has been looted.
Banjo's chefs Damien Rogers and JD Little are devastated that their business has been looted. jacob wilson

Despite the theft, Banjos avoided major cyclone-related damage.

Cherie Baby owner Sophie Camm said she was appalled to learn looters stole cash, an iPad and possibly other items from her Proserpine store Cherrie Baby Boutique.

She sad thieves probably found their way into the shop after the cyclone busted the front window.

The store has only been open for a few weeks.

"It's such a low act," Ms Camm said of the thieves who targeted the store that only opened a few weeks ago.

"As if we haven't been through enough.

"The important thing is no one was hurt but it's not nice to know the shop has been robbed." 

Whitsundays Mayor Cr Andrew Willcox  said he was angry and disappointed to know that thieves were targeting cyclone -damaged businesses.

"I want to say to them give us a break," Cr Willcox said.

"In these sort of situations we need everyone to pull together ad be a strong community.

"It's disgraceful." 

Multiple break in attempts were made at the venue, according to police.

Meanwhile there are also reports of looting on the Proserpine main street.

Anyone with information that could assist police should call the Whitsunday Police Station on 4948 8888.