Brian O’Driscoll of The British and Irish Lions at a press conference yesterday at the Sheraton Noosa.
Brian O’Driscoll of The British and Irish Lions at a press conference yesterday at the Sheraton Noosa. Iain Curry

Lions will be 'better equipped' in third Test

BRITISH and Irish Lions veteran Brian O'Driscoll says his side is getting closer to knowing the laws of the breakdown following their 16-15 loss to the Wallabies in Melbourne.

O'Driscoll, who is based at the Sheraton Noosa with the Lions squad this week, said his side would be better equipped to make the most of any loose ball in the third and final Test this Saturday night in Sydney.

"You can't stop going for balls ... and I knew in my own head I had to take my hands off the ball a few times and I did," he said.

"I think we've probably got a little bit more (successful stolen balls) last weekend."

O'Driscoll was penalised for claiming the ball at the breakdown when he reached through the ruck and stole the ball.

Looking at the referee after he blew his whistle, O'Driscoll said he sensed the referee doubted his call.

"The one that I got penalised for, the referee, you could tell it was a real 50-50 call and he wasn't sure when he blew his whistle himself," he said.

"He said I did call 'ruck' and I'm not surprised you couldn't hear it.

"But, that was one of the real marginally ones and you get them some days and you don't other days."

Another concern for the Lions from Saturday night's clash was the advantage time following an opposition error or penalty.

Given an advantage call during the second half following a Wallabies knock-on, O'Driscoll said he felt he wasn't given enough advantage time when the ball was handed back to Australia.

"I jumped for it (the ball) and knocked it on and I was sure that the referee would go back and give us a scrum," he said.

"As he indicated it was our advantage, and I didn't feel as though we gained in any shape or form from that, so we definitely got hard-done-by on that one."

With Frenchman Romain Poite taking the reins for the third Test, O'Driscoll said the Lions would be meeting with the referee before the match.

"We'll meet him before the game and talk to him about a few things and ask him if there's anything about us," he said.

"We're going to try and work with him and that's the big understand the way they are thinking."

The British and Irish Lions will be based in Noosa until Wednesday.