The longer you look at LeBron James' eighth-grade yearbook photo, the more confusing it becomes.
The longer you look at LeBron James' eighth-grade yearbook photo, the more confusing it becomes.

LeBron’s bizarre 1999 yearbook unveiled

AMERICAN basketball star LeBron James boasts an impressive resume. The four-time MVP has won three NBA championships and ranks fourth in all-time career points.

The two-time Olympic gold medallist is touted as one of the greats of modern sport.

However, a photo of LeBron's 1999 high school yearbook revealed he was snubbed for the title of "Most Athletic".

Instead, his eighth-grade classmates in Akron, Ohio voted for a young lad named Virgil Robinson.

The photo was posted to Twitter during LeBron's 35th birthday on Tuesday, and quickly went viral.

The yearbook photo also featured a couple of embarrassing misprints.

Firstly, LeBron's name is misspelt, the yearbook printing his name as "LaBron James".


Secondly, and most noticeably, LeBron's photo is incorrect - it was swapped with a classmate named Michael Quinn. An apology was printed on the corresponding page.

Professional basketball player Romeo Travis replied to the photo, suggesting Robinson was indeed worthy of the accolade.

Robinson went on to represent the Bowling Green Falcons for four seasons.

"Virgil was the most athletic at the time. He played 3 sports," Travis posted.

However, LeBron quickly replied to Travis, claiming he was robbed of the "Most Athletic" crown in a tweet that has since been deleted.

"Man knock it off Rome! … I don't care if he played 1 million sports, wasn't more athletic than me in 8th grade."

Portland Trail Blazers point guard CJ McCollum joined the debate.


Forbes recently revealed James was the fourth highest-paid athlete and highest-paid basketball player  of the decade, earning $A965 million over 10 years.

 James represents the Los Angeles Lakers, whose next fixture is on Thursday against the Phoenix Suns.

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