Remembrance day 2016 in Gympie.
Remembrance day 2016 in Gympie.

Lest we forget on November 11

Lest we forget

AS NOVEMBER 11 approaches, it is an opportune time to remind ourselves of why we commemorate this day. The day we now call Remembrance Day.

At 11am, on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent, heralding peace.

In that Great War, the war to end all wars, Australia lost over 64,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen and nurses.

More than 165,000 were wounded in action. Our population was 4.9 million.

Since then, Australians have fought on battlefields throughout the world, have fought in the air and sailed the seas incessantly.

Our losses were still horrendous in World War 2, including 30,000 soldiers, 3500 Airmen and women, 8000 sailors and 80 nurses (which includes the beheadings and the bombing and torpedoing of hospital ships.)

May I, through this page, ask all community members, no matter where they are or what they are doing, to pause for one minute in silence at 11am on November 11, Remembrance Day to thank the diggers, sailors, airmen and airwomen and our nurses who paid and continue to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

David Collins, Araluen

Workplace health and safety concerns

AFTER 22 years experience with Queensland Railways with the main emphasis being safety, I am astounded as to how the Valley Rattler Company is going to charge people to ride on the loco as it travels the Mary Valley rail.

Where is the work place health and safety “which we all must abide by” in the letting of customers into the work zone on the Mary Valley Rattler?

One person controls this area, the driver with assistance of his fireman.

These persons must be vigilant at all times as to the condition of the track and the operation of the steam loco. This will be compromised with any other persons in the work zone, which will ultimately cause distraction.

If an incident did occur eg a steam pipe breakage, a derailment or even the worst of all a fire box back draft, who is responsible if someone is injured?

I am sure an insurance company will fight tooth and nail once it is evident that a second party was in the work zone.

Safety first.

Barry Grainger, Amamoor

Out and about

SNIPPET 1. Noting our solar panel readings prior to cleaning the other day, the input jumped 1.4Kw per hour after their wash. Like a car, they need regular maintenance.

2. Noting three unrelated motorcyclists on the town and perimeter roads on Thursday, all wearing different forms of reflective jackets. Thank you from drivers.

3. Because two cars are travelling on Sandy Creek Road, one of which a recently overseas arrival, just below the speed limit does not mean an impatient 4WD has to overtake at a far greater speed across clearly marked double lines and rapidly disappear in the distance. That was grossly dangerous.

4. When there is illness in a local family thank you to all who

phoned and offered help. Nice community, Gympie.

G. Penrose, Gympie