GIVE IT A GO: Petty officer Melissa Henry encourages girls to consider a career of a technical nature.
GIVE IT A GO: Petty officer Melissa Henry encourages girls to consider a career of a technical nature. Contributed

Royal Australian Navy is fast-paced and constantly changing

FOR Bundaberg's Melissa Henry, life as an electronics technician submariner in the Royal Australian Navy is fast-paced and constantly changing.

Forty-year-old Melissa, a petty officer, has always had an inquisitive nature and said that from a young age liked to pull things apart and see how they worked.

"I joined the navy after studying at university for a year. I knew I wanted to become an electronics technician because of the way I like to pick things apart.

"I'm constantly asking the question 'how does this work?' and I think as you develop, you find out more what you like to do," Melissa said.

As an electronics technician submariner Melissa is one of a select few handpicked to wear the Dolphins Badge, which is a point of pride for every submariner.

"My greatest achievement and greatest challenge go hand in hand, which was training and qualifying for my Dolphins. It took a lot of hard work and determination but it was a day I remember with enormous pride," she said.

"At the time I qualified there had been no other female electronics technicians and while more girls have since qualified there are still not nearly enough of us. I am hoping to get awareness out to girls thinking about joining the navy that an electronics technician in submarines is a fantastic career choice."

A career in navy trades offers great pay, a secure job and outstanding long-term career prospects. The navy has something for everyone with their diverse range of technical trade jobs.

"To all the girls who have never considered a career of a technical nature, I would say think about it because it may not be what you think it is. At the end of the day, they are capable of a lot more than they think they are," Melissa said.

Electronics technician submariners operate, maintain and repair all torpedoes, missiles, radar, sonar, navigation, combat data, communications, surveillance equipment and other electronic systems on board the navy's sophisticated Collins Class submarines.

The navy is recruiting for its 2014/2015 intake. For further information on military training and careers in the navy, army or air force visit or phone 13 19 01.