This letter writer is not happy with the performance of the ABC.
This letter writer is not happy with the performance of the ABC. Contributed

Letter asks what happened to the once mighty ABC

Letters to the Editor

Come on, ABC

IT IS amazing, every time we have a flash of lightning or a roll of thunder, the only television station that has the sign "weak of no signal” flashed across the screen is the ABC

Maybe it is time they stopped wasting our tax money on mediocre presenters and began making sure they generated watchable television, hail rain or shine.

It may even be a good time to re-educate some of the announcers, who have been permitted to lower the high standards of language the ABC once delivered.

The ABC was once the benchmark of language, which encouraged everyone to converse in a comprehensible manner. I am not a snob, but enough is enough. Looking forward to some improvements.

L. Pethick,


Keep Go Cards

GO Cards could be discontinued in a year? I certainly hope that this is a just a rumour. However, on surfing the net I found that Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are mentioned in disposing of the Go Card.

Why in all that's sensible and works really well, would you want to eliminate something that works a charm for commuters.

As President of the Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League (Qld) I along with the greater number of members on the management committee reside in the regional areas of Queensland.

These members live in Bowen, Gracemere, Gladstone, Hervey Bay, Gympie and Caloundra with only two come from Brisbane. We all use Go Cards.

The Go Card to us is an easy and very economical way to get from A to B (That's from our accommodation to our headquarters at West End and back again). It mostly involves catching a bus into the city and walking to catch another to West End. The trip is repeated in the afternoon after we complete our voluntary work for the day.

The alternative being suggested - Smart phones and Bank Cards are not the answer.

Cherith Weis,

Australian Pensioners & Superannuants League