LETTER: 'Farming has become highly specialised and professional with high capital costs'.
LETTER: 'Farming has become highly specialised and professional with high capital costs'. Trevor Veale

Letter claims to reveal 'the real vegan agenda'

Letter to the Editor:

AT LAST, Desmond Bellamy (GT 29/4) has publicly announced the real agenda of PETA.

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They have always claimed that they want to protect farm animals from cruelty, but Mr Bellamy crows that demand for animal products will "slow and stop”, forcing farmers into growing crops, whether their farms are suitable or not.

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John and Jenny Cameron run a dairy farm in the Mary Valley.

If they were really honest, they would call their organisation PEDA (People for the Extermination of Domesticated Animals). Just think, no more cows, sheep, pigs, chooks etcetera.

Remember a few weeks ago, cows were beautiful sentient animals which had the right to live. Now they are environmental vandals which should be removed from this planet. Talk about muddle-headed "logic”.

Actually, we didn't suggest turning all farm animals out to die; it was a vegan veterinary student who told us that.

Mr Bellamy made no attempt to answer our third question: how can vegans justify the poisoning of billions of insects, spiders, small animals and birds to grow enough crops to feed a vegan world? Don't their lives matter?

Mr Bellamy shows he knows nothing about farming.

Vegetable crops need good soils and much more water than animal fodder.

Farming has become highly specialised and professional with high capital costs.

It is very difficult to swap from animal to vegetable farming.

Artificial insemination is inexpensive. Many animals do not end up at the abattoirs and dairy cows are not bred for slaughter.

Much of our grazing land is not suitable for cropping. Ploughing up grasslands for crops in America created the "Dust Bowl” of the 1930s.

If all farm animals are exterminated what happens to dogs, cats and meat eating zoo animals?

The Food and Agriculture Organisation states: "The livestock sector is vital to global food security and health”.

John & Jenny Cameron,

'Woop Woop',

Lagoon Pocket.