Gympie Woondum Rd view of the new highway Section C road works.
Gympie Woondum Rd view of the new highway Section C road works. Renee Albrecht

Letter: Make the Gympie Bypass fair for nearby homes


Noise mitigation fencing needed along bypass

HAVE you noticed all that fencing south of Gympie protecting koalas from the impacts of the new highway?

Koala's have received around 50km of elaborate metal fencing at my estimated cost of $100/metre, which equals approximately $5million.

Koalas cannot write letters asking for highway protection; they just receive it unsolicited.

That's exactly how it should be.

You shouldn't have to beg.

Many years ago hundreds of future Gympie bypass properties that will be affected by bypass noise were detailed in two thick books in the councillors (sic) library.

These books detailed the quantity of noise decibels for each affected property.

It was the most compelling, self-incriminating evidence as to why the new Gympie bypass should have first-class fence sound mitigation features to protect the unfortunate from the impacts of future Gympie bypass noise.

Over the last six years approximately I have written three letters to Gympie bypass fat cats, asking what sound mitigation features the bypass will receive, if any.

I have never received a reply. Recently the councillors' library has given me a huge scare. Because the decibel evidence has vanished into thin air.

Us unfortunates need that decibel evidence to make everyone aware.

Perhaps the decibel evidence is lost under a councillor's chair, upon which the uncomfortable sit with a white deathly stare. Focusing solely and foolishly upon the Rattler's debt trap snare.

Us unfortunates want you to immediately care. We need your focus to make the Gympie bypass fair. Maybe the bypass fat cats have shredded it or hidden it in their lair.

Car pollies Perrett and O'Brien help to find out where? The car pollies please help us unfortunates to make Gympie bypass fair.

Oh, how I wish I was a koala bear.

Alan Goddard,



Gardeners create business and jobs

WHAT if Gympie garden lovers (of whom there are many) decided, because of the council impost to charge for the disposal of green waste would let their gardens go? (Not that I think that would ever happen, if you are born with green blood running in your thumbs anyway.) I believe they would rather give up a cup of tea.

If the councillors took the time to look (and if they drove around this town) and saw what most ratepayers have created on their own little patch of earth in the way of a garden, to beautify their surrounds and make Gympie a memorable town also.

The public parks and gardens are well and truly memorable, but they are at ratepayers' cost. Gardens are not just a source of delight but they are big creators of business and jobs.

What if nursery businesses suddenly found a big drop in revenue?

No sales or plants, shrubs, trees?

No sales of mowers, fertilisers, tolls and all other associated products?

Loss of many jobs, not just in the business outlets?

Many people in Gympie are semi-reliant on gardens etc.

Goodbye Bunnings, goodbye Mitre10, Sauers for starters.

Recently Gympie held its garden show.

Very well patronised and a pleasurable experience judging by the "oohs and ahhs” especially at the orchid display.

Nambour even more recent, and according to reports, had approximately 50,000 people pass through the gates. Consider the revenue!

Gardening is a healthy activity, mentally and physically hands-on.

There is nothing illusionary about it, not like other things for which ratepayers are compulsory contributing and for many will always be an illusion.

The paltry sum redeemed by council is not paltry to the many already skimpy pockets.

Faith de Vere,




IN THIS year of 2018, we should have found a better solution for protection from sexual and other creeps that feel free to ruin the lives of children and young adults.

Society should know who they are and where they are so they can warn their families to stay clear of them. We name and shame other criminals.

I worked with Choice Support Service - a friendship/volunteer service with the aim of re-introducing people with a mental illness back into the community of their choice.

Most people who accessed the service had a labelled mental illness and were at the stage when they could be taking part in community living.

One woman from Victoria had been raped and molested often during her childhood and adult years, and 35 years later still needed counselling every week to keep her alive to be able to deal with repeat traumas going through her head every day.

The once-only act gives repeat performance anguish in the same way.

I find it hard to take in the fact that the perpetrator may be given protection in the jail and a few short years' sentence when the victim has the pain for the rest of his/her life.

It seems that we feel sorry for the perpetrator and give lip service to the victim.

We still have a long way to go to bring justice.

Julia Lawrence OAM,


Hygiene concerns at aquatic centre

I AM a recent member of the Gympie Aquatic Centre.

I have placed a complaint with the Belgravia management, who operate the facility and copied in the Gympie Council.

My issues are in reference to the cleaning of the ablutions.

I was swimming most days and I noticed the male ablutions were being left filthy for more that two days in a row.

The staff I raised the issue with said the contract cleaners do the clean and they only work three days a week?

My concern is this is a brand new facility and one would hope that Gympie residents' hygiene would be a priority to the Council and Belgravia?

This is a local issue for the people of Gympie and I feel the newspaper is the best medium for someone to at least get a response.

I sent my first email to Belgravia and copied in the Gympie Council.

I received a response form the Gympie Council to contact Belgravia?

Essentially they did not see this as their issue. They did link two email addresses for Belgravia management.

Then I received another email that the

Council will be would be investigating my issue within the next eight days.

Belgravia have gone quiet and have not responded at all. I swam again on Tuesday and again the ablutions were filthy. Again I think it is not in the job spec of the Belgravia staff? I find this pretty strange and it is a health issue.

Steve Martin,