Llew O'Brien
Llew O'Brien Renee Albrecht

Letter: The power of the pen strikes again



IT IS good to see Llew O'Brien read my article in relation to the 10 cent a litre for milk in The Gympie Times.

Why does it take someone, in this case myself, to call out his hypocrisy to get him to action?

I have motivated or pushed him to call for a Royal Commission into milk. My question is why have we elected a government, in this case his government, to govern our affairs?

Llew O'Brien, it is up to your government to bring fines to those who are doing wrong, in this case the foreign processors.

Yes, the supermarkets are greedy, but so is every other business that has share holders and outside interests.

At the end of the day no one has a gun at anyone's head to make them buy Woolworths or Coles milk.

The processors are the ones who dictate and manipulate the price to the farmers.

Here lies the problem - most processors are foreign owned. Who sold out our milk interests to foreigners? It was you and your government Mr O'Brien.

It is time to get our Australia back from weak politicians who have sold us out to multinationals and who are holding our farmers to ransom and forcing them off the land.

It's time to stop playing political games and put Australia and our interests first.

Tim Jerome,