LETTER: What does it take for our politicians to listen?

GYMPIE, Cooloola and Tin Can Bay regions need to attract people, professionals, investments, to stay and work, and tourists to play.  

What have our governing bodies accomplished for our region since 1999?  

John Howard/ Warren Truss LNP: Initiated and orchestrated the forced commercialisation policy which deregulated the dairy industry, resulting in the loss of fair pricing for their milk products. We went from approximately 1700 to 420 dairy farms Australia wide.  

Beattie/ Bligh Labor governments orchestrated the damming of the Mary River (Traveston event), which destroyed the Mary Valley farms and the rural economy as well as local our SMEs.  

This brought about the people standing up and taking a stance for what we wanted, not what the government wanted.  

Peter Garrett finally ruled against the dam, citing environmental reasons, which again the Mary Valley group identified beforehand. Retrospectively, the state and federal governments finally actioned the Bruce Hwy upgrade, brought about by the Traveston dam proposal.   

Warren Truss must have been woken up after 25 years on the front bench of the LNP and did nothing until then.

Mr Truss was deputy PM in his last position with the Federal LNP and still did nothing upon retiring form the Wide Bay region.  

Gympie council must start listening to the regional residents, SME and what they want collectively, Mick.  

Council needs to be transparent, consulting with resident members and removing red tape, encouraging SME business.   Council must be working together for the region.  

Mayor Mick Curran, I for one cannot find a ratepayer who will pay 2.1% increase in their rates.   

If you don't understand this, may I suggest you talk to the many residents and ratepayers in person? An obvious broken promise.   

Further, the $65 Mary Valley Rattler levy, did you consult the ratepayers before council decided this is an effective sustainable financial way forward for this much needed tourist attraction?

Or maybe you have someone making decisions for all of us ratepayers who is not an elected councillor.  

Is this an example of just one of your ways you consult (transparency) the ratepayers in our region.  

In the near future I trust you will be getting many more letters like this, which will reflect the needs and clear understanding of what the constituents/ ratepayers want for their region.  

I have been asked by SME Gympie and regional SME a question for you Mick:   What are you going to do for this region that will encourage SME investment, people who will want to move, live and stay here, protect Mary St SME and encourage tourists to visit this region?  

Not sure if you know.  

Watch this space.  

Barry Cook,