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Letter writer can't abide Gympie region 'sheeple'

Letter to the Editor

OVER the last few years, under the guise of flood mitigation, about 2km of East Deep Creek Rd was vastly improved and a new bit of Penny Rd, also about 2km, was built.

Both are good roads now, as they should be with a combined cost of around $7 million.

So when I read The Gympie times asking our MPs for their "wishlists” for Tuesday's Federal Budget and once again read of MP O'Brien's hope for $2 million for a Noosa/Cooloola Coast road I wonder which couple of kms of the many roads needing attention on that route he may be hoping will get funding if his pledge is made good?

Overall, as is usual, both Mr O'Brien's and state MP Tony Perrett's wishlists showed the overall lack of any vision or future thought which has for as long as I've been here, now 27 years, been the hallmark of being taken for granted as a rusted on LNP (National Party in a weak disguise) area.

Both speak, as usual of the Bruce Hwy, always ready to take the credit for what's been long overdue and inevitable, and making noises about what will happen despite them, rather than because of any efforts on their part.

The coast road idea has been a National Party barrow for at least 20 years, in early days pushed mainly by vested interests to the north of Gympie, those who would still benefit most. It must surely be a poor indication of our representation past and present that after all these years the best that's been offered is the current $2 million Mr O'Brien likes to grab attention about.

If, after all these years, our LNP MPs have still only been able to appease their own supporters to the very minor tune of $2 million I suggest that not even their own party takes them seriously, if of course there ever has been any real efforts on behalf of local voters, which appears unlikely by the very few things that have been achieved.

So desperate for ideas is Mr O'Brien that he even referred in his wishlist to funding a couple of years back, the $5 million granted toward the new Gympie pool.

Both espoused little but old party lines, mainly focused on the dubious and historically unsuccessful trickle down economics their otherwise clueless party insists on signing our fading country up to.

I am completely unable to understand, or respect, how so many of the rusted on "sheeple” of Gympie can still vote for the LNP when they have done so very little for us and show a near total lack of vision, imagination, action, or anything else past holding on to seats they take for granted.

Dave Freeman,

Cedar Pocket.