HALF-TRUTHS: The RSCPA Approved ads fail to say the animals it features are brought into this world for no other reason than to be prematurely ended, says a reader.
HALF-TRUTHS: The RSCPA Approved ads fail to say the animals it features are brought into this world for no other reason than to be prematurely ended, says a reader. Contributed

LETTERS: RSPCA ads warm and fuzzy but wrong

THE current television advertising being done by the RSPCA is a perfect example of half-truths fed to a gullible public and impressionable youth, distorting perceptions of reality.

They say that 800 million farm animals have been helped to enjoy a better life.

They fail to say those lives are brought into this world for no other reason than to be prematurely ended.

They show what appear to be cute fluffy chicks waddling unnaturally in an effort to walk.

They don't say this cruel encumbrance is the result of genetic engineering placing their legs at the outer chest extremity to satisfy consumer preference for plump, deep breast meat.

Nor do they say that same manipulation has resulted in such accelerated growth that if they are not slaughtered by 12 weeks, the weight of their organs will prolapse out of their chest cavities because their skeletons will not support them.

The quick staged clip showing pigs wallowing and piglets playing in straw is not true for most of these creatures who are raised in appalling conditions.

Laying hens are killed at the end of their first laying season, not even a third of the way through their natural life-span because their production wanes cyclically.

Turkeys and meat chickens are hung up by their feet on conveyor belts to have their throats cut while still alive.

This is required so the heart can pump all the blood out to give consumers the white meat they demand.

If the only knowledge of animal production is that RSPCA warm and fuzzy production then young people grow up without the tools to make informed decisions about their eating choices

I'm not saying that everyone should turn vegetarian, although that would be nice, but I am saying that, if eating meat is a person's choice, they should know the journey that animal has made to their plate.




QLD police, Mongols warrant. A major 10-day joint police crackdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCGs) operating along the NSW-Queensland border has resulted in the seizure of firearms, drugs and cash, and the shutdown of two OMCG clubhouses. 
Photo Contributed Nathan Patterson
EFFICIENT: The State Government's bikie laws are working, says the police minister. Contributed Nathan Patterson


THE Palaszczuk Government has introduced the toughest and most effective laws to deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs in the nation - with the operative word being "effective".

Because they are working.

The highly respected officers of Taskforce Maxima have recently reported that the number of patched OMCG members across Queensland have plunged from 1158 in late 2013, when the LNP was in Government, to 696 as of last month.

The Queensland Government has backed up our highly successful laws with more police officers on the frontline, cutting-edge technology and increased resources.

The LNP's messy, failed laws talked tough but were simply unable to follow up with the arrests and charges they had promised.

More importantly, we cleaned up the mess left by the former LNP Government, restoring the funding and resources slashed under its dogmatic cost cutting.

It is concerning that misinformation about our hard-working police has been circulated in a recent letter to the editor from the LNP police spokesman.

To claim OMCGs are re-establishing and expanding in Queensland is not just wrong, it is cynical fear mongering designed to perpetuate the dishonest myths the LNP are pinning their electoral hopes on.

The LNP's accusations are belittling the hard work and dedication of our most fearless police officers who are working every day to disrupt and dismantle OMCGs.


Police Minister


IT WAS with interest that I discovered via B. Francis (NM, 11/05) that I write boring letters and that I am a clueless bloke.

This was regarding my letter that at its core requested bipartisan co-operation from all concerned to fight the ice epidemic.

The bipartisan request has been ignored by B. Francis and in its place is the accusation that I am a Stephen Bennett basher.

I would remind B. Francis that Mr Bennett is forever trying to discredit our hard-working member, Leanne Donaldson.

If you read the correspondence and absorb its contents properly you would realise that my letter it was specifically aimed at overcoming this massive drug problem facing society today.

I have written many letters over the years with an underlying theme requesting bipartisan actions in politics but unfortunately Mr Bennett ignores this approach and continues to try to score political points by berating others by various means including elasticising the truth.

I am afraid that while he continues in this vein I will continue to point out his shortcomings and that B. Francis probably means that I will be writing such things for as long as he is in the political arena.

I would also remind you that the name of this page is Your Say and that is exactly what I am doing.

To suggest by innuendo that truthfulness does not sell papers is a pathetic attempt at defaming the editor on his letter choices.

We all have differences of opinion and in our country that is called freedom of speech an action that all of us can indulge in.