LETTERS: ‘Boys will be boys’ attitude



The standard we accept

To many Australians, our sporting stars are royalty.

When they fall into disrepute for poor choices, anti-social behaviours or criminal associations or convictions, they are often tolerated.

"Boys will be boys" is the sporting culture's rationalisation for the talented elites, while their erring antics are condemned by law and order and the broader public.

For most stars who err, their sporting clubs simply think match bans is sufficient.

Victims suffer ridicule and disrespect, while the talent returns to life as usual, for the sake of the club.

There are anomalies in how boys are socialised in how to use their talents for the greater good, not for personal advantage at the expense of others.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Minor or major party

I have been watching the election with interest.

It seems that the mantra of the "we must be represented by a major party" is definitely ingrained in the local mentality.

When we look across the state at other electorates that have been represented by a minor party or independent, it is amazing to note that the electorate has not suffered in regards to funding and in fact they have been better off.

The two main parties just want us to believe that we need one of their members as our representative to achieve what we deserve, when in reality that is far from the truth.

Imagine if KAP or One Nation won Rockhampton, how much money would the ALP or LNP throw at Rockhampton to win it back.

Some times we the people need to send a message, that we will not be forgotten and how dare you take us for granted.

Which is what the major parties have been doing to CQ electorates for years especially Rockhampton.

Mark, Berserker




Harry's view on Rockhampton region Mayor Margaret Strelow's bubble wrap dress.
Harry's view on Rockhampton region Mayor Margaret Strelow's bubble wrap dress.




ANON. A vote for Labor is a vote to send this city broke and back 50 years.

ANON. If Frecklington gets in, kiss your government jobs goodbye state government workers. Remember what happened to jobs last time. You all have short memories … last time the libs were in they stuffed us all.

ORACLE. AS (15/10), Anna kept you safe, but at what cost? Qld has had the highest increase in businesses entering into administration this period, while in NSW, the number actually fell! Qld unemployment was the highest before COVID (except for NT). You can't hide behind COVID for everything. Some of us who generate actual wealth through the private sector know better than sheltered unionists and their rusted on blind supporters on the metrics that measure progress.