Harry's view on the looming election.
Harry's view on the looming election.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Taking a closer look at power charges


Electricity prices

I read Brittany Lauga’s letter on 21st October regarding electricity prices and how the government provided household assistance by way of the “Queensland Government’s electricity industry asset ownership” dividend, and the “Queensland Government’s Utility Bill Relief” assistance.

I decided that with the forthcoming election looming it was probably a good time to look at our “actual” household tariff 11 electricity charges.

This involved listing our electricity charges before the Palaszczuk government’s election and compare them with today’s charges effective from July 1, 2020.

There have been six lots of regulated retail electricity price determinations approved by the Palaszczuk government from July 1, 2015 through to July 1, 2020.

In 2014 prior to the Palaszczuk government we were paying 27.916c per kilowatt hour (kWh), and 91.755c a day service fee.

This resulted in an average household cost of $1507, based on a kWh usage of 4200 kWh’s per year.

Today’s average annual usage of 4200 kWh’s is $1369, based on a kWh cost of 23.932c (14.3 per cent reduction) and a service fee charge of 99.744c (but an 8.7 per cent “increase”).

So after “six lots” of Palaszczuk Govt approved regulated retail electricity prices from July 1, 2015 to July 1, 2020 inclusive, the average 4200 kWh household is saving around $138 over a 12 month period or about a miserable 38 cents a day.

Of course it should be noted that over this six year period our tariff 31 off-peak hot water charges have not reduced but have actually increased by over 27 per cent, from 12.917c a kWh to 16.425c a kWh.

So Brittany, be careful when you say in your letter that the LNP can’t be trusted; as I have shown that the six electricity costs approved by your Labor Government, can be shown to appear in a different perspective, with many people unaware that there were changes with regard to the notified electricity charges including network and energy costs as well as solar contributions.

Note: the above electricity prices are inclusive of GST and do not include meter services charge.

John Blanchfield, Frenchville

RIP Twiggy

Whilst I did not meet “twiggy”, I knew his dad Gerald (Geddy) and his younger sister Annette as very close friends who lived in the same street (Connolly) as did I and my siblings.

That’s over 75 years ago.

Reading re “twiggy’s” love of horses, I can well understand from where his love of horses came; his very loving dad.

My very heartfelt sympathy to all the Twigg and extended families and to the horse lovers and horse racing community at large. RIP.

Alan Phillips, Macgregor Brisbane (on behalf of my siblings, John, Keren and our late sister Janice)


Harry's view on the looming election.
Harry's view on the looming election.


RUTH. The fact remains – Under the Labor Gov., Qld now has the highest unemployment in Aust. and with a state debt of $120 Billion, and have added 36,000 to an already bloated public service, and a sneaked legislature of abortion at full-term. Think carefully before you vote.

ORACLE. Mr Schwarten, (24/10) “World class swimming pool, basketball stadium, Showgrounds, tennis courts” built by Labor in Rocky? So how come these ‘world class’ facilities failed to attract a single event from the 2018 Commonwealth Games, or the 2020 basketball season in QLD? Perhaps poor representation when it mattered?

ANON. So we have two Royal Commissions into aged care... bloody joke, these pollies are rotten to the core. They steal tax payer’s money and the jokes on us. We must be seen by countries as dumb Aussies.