Gympie Times readers have their say in letters to the editor.
Gympie Times readers have their say in letters to the editor. GuidoVrola

Letters to the Editor


SEQ water grid has been a game-changer

I REFER to Scott Kovacevic's opinion piece headlined "New solutions needed” published in The Gympie Times on November 19, and his reference to the South East Queensland Water Grid.

The Grid, which includes more than 600km of bulk water supply pipelines, is a vital part of SEQ's water supply network, and is used daily by Seqwater to move treated water around the region, to where it is needed the most.

As an example, we've recently been supplying the Sunshine Coast with water sourced from North Pine Dam, near Petrie to allow for a major upgrade at the Landers Shute Water Treatment Plant near Montville.

The Gold Coast Desalination Plant was also used in September last year and August this year, to supplement Gold Coast's drinking water supply, while the coast's major plants were being upgraded.

The plant is currently in hot standby mode, which means it's not permanently in use but capable of being brought back on line as required.

The construction of the Grid has been a game changer for water supply in SEQ and has significantly increased our resilience to deal with the ongoing climate variability our region faces.

Mike Foster,

Manager, External Relations,


Gympie Times headline an insult to readers' intelligence

I WISH to concur with the sentiments expressed by Ken Garner in his letter (The Gympie Times, November 19, 2016).

I found the front page headlines, which he mentioned, very distasteful.

I find it embarrassing that this is the level of journalism which The Gympie Times aspires to.

I would rather see journalistic excellence than cheap, sensational attempts to grab readership. I think you are insulting the intelligence of your readers.

Also, this type of thing does nothing to promote our town in the eyes of visitors or potential out of town job applicants.

I also wonder if you would so enthusiastically quote someone if the were blaspheming Allah instead of Jesus.

Tricia Schuh.