Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in huge political strife, a veteran Liberal Party strategist says.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in huge political strife, a veteran Liberal Party strategist says. Rajanish Kakade

Lib veteran says leadership inept

A VETERAN Liberal Party strategist has publicly slammed Malcolm Turnbull, saying the government has "walked away from their values” and is at war with the people.

Geoffrey Greene, one of the minds behind John Howard's campaigns and a former Liberal Party state director for both South Australia and Queensland, says the Turnbull government has "attacked every core constituency” and has nothing left.

In a scathing interview with The New Daily to shock the party into action, Mr Greene says it will be "a hard road” for the government to win back the public.

"The Turnbull government has attacked every core constituency, small business, superannuants, pensioners, families with children, all because they have a budget that is out of control,” Mr Greene said.

"They have not done anything about their own backyard.

"Public servants still fly at the front of the plane.”

Mr Greene said former Liberal federal director Tony Nutt and his deputy John Burston, who resigned this month, would not have supported "the warfare this government has declared on its citizens”.

He said the rise of Pauline Hanson was a reflection that the Liberal Party had walked away from its values.

One Nation's influence now permeated the Liberal Party brand across the country.

"Generally speaking, the whole malaise of this government is due to inept advice, ministerial and organisational,” he said.

"The Liberal Party once possessed a professional caste of political operatives and campaign staff who helped politicians nuance their messages and understand the voters.

"We knew from our polling how every person voted in every street and why.

"We understood how to ensure policy platforms met the expectations of the citizenry.”

Greene also accused the Turnbull Government of only listening to big business but annihilating small business - a key part of its base - with regulation.

He attributed much of the drift from the party's base to a lack of old-school party operatives working in Parliamentary offices.

"I have never seen a set of government ministers more captured by their departments,” he said.

"Managers sourced from the department are loyal to their departments, professional advisers are loyal to their parties, and to those who voted for them.

"Turnbull is running the country with a group of 25-year-old political brats. He doesn't listen.”

Mr Greene labelled recent attempts to regain control of political debate, including the recent citizenship test changes "dog-whistling”.

"Turnbull has nothing left,” he said.

"There are no other constituencies his government can attack.”