LISA Wilkinson couldn't resist a good-natured wisecrack about her former Nine colleagues during last night's episode of The Project.

The former Today host, whose dramatic exit from Nine last year made national headlines, made a quip about her "years of practice" dealing with "drunk Stefanovic(s)."

The gag came after fellow Project panellist Tommy Little introduced his semi-regular segment, "Drunk or not drunk".

Little played footage of Peter Stefanovic slurring his words while hosting Weekend Today, posing the question: Was Stefanovic drunk or not?

"I'm going to go our expert on the panel, Lisa," said Little, referencing Wilkinson's former position working alongside both Peter and his brother Karl - who famously presented a post-Logies episode of Today still visibly affected from the previous night's festivities. He later admitted he looked and sounded "really drunk" during the broadcast.

Drunk or not drunk? Lisa Wilkinson said she was unsure. Picture: Channel 10
Drunk or not drunk? Lisa Wilkinson said she was unsure. Picture: Channel 10

"I can usually recognise a drunk Stefanovic. Years and years of practice. Umm, borderline. Not sure," said Wilkinson, as Little threw to another clip of Peter again slurring his words.

The Stefanovics most recently hit the headlines after news surfaced of a private late-night conversation Peter had in the back of an Uber with his high-profile brother - one that reportedly included less-than-glowing appraisals of many of the pair's Nine colleagues.

It wasn't all fun and games for Wilkinson on The Project last night, though - elsewhere in the episode, she broke down in tears after being surprised by special Mother's Day messages from her three children.

The TV host welled up after being told that Louis, Jake and Billi FitzSimons - her two sons and daughter with husband Peter FitzSimons - had all recorded video messages for her.

Wilkinson's son Louis, who is currently overseas, recorded the first well-wishes, telling his mum: "Hey mum and all the guys on The Project. I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my mum and all the mothers on the show. I want you to put on the best show possible because I know you can. Lots of love from Busan, South Korea."

Next, her daughter Billi told her: "Happy Mother's Day mum. We're so lucky to have such an incredible and dedicated mum and I can't wait until we're all together again so we can shower you in love and gifts. We love you to bits."

Wilkinson's eldest son Jake appeared last - alongside his pet.

"Sorry I couldn't see you today, but me and my grumpy cat wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day ... You're the hardest working mum in all of Australia."

"This is my first Mother's Day without my mum. I only lost her two months ago, so that's really, really special," she said.