LNG production to quadruple as plants come online

QUEENSLAND'S LNG production is set to quadruple by the end of the year as an additional three production trains are built on Gladstone's Curtis Island.

Three LNG plants are being construction by Bechtel, with the first, QCLNG, already operational and exporting gas.

The plants are the first in the world to convert commercial quantities of coal seam gas into liquid form ready for export.

"The projects will begin producing LNG in rapid succession over the second half of 2015," Bechtel global LNG general manager Alasdair Cathcart said.

"It's certainly a time of significant milestones on Curtis Island as we move though final commissioning and eventually into handover of these projects to the operating teams."

Six production trains will be operational when Bechtel hands over the LNG plants to the owner teams for long-term operation.

Queensland Curtis LNG Train 1 has been producing LNG since December 2014, filling more than 16 ships with cargo to date.

Bechtel is now working on delivering the second train for that project.

Bechtel teams on the GLNG and Australia Pacific LNG plants recently introduced gas into their systems and began producing their own power as part of commissioning the first of two production trains on each site.

The second production trains on each of these projects are expected to be operational in early 2016.

At full capacity, the three Curtis Island projects combined will produce about 25 million tonnes of LNG per annum for the global market, the equivalent to powering a city the size of Tokyo with 13 million people.