THE Opposition has had its turn playing political football with the duplication of the Sunshine Coast rail line, announcing that it would inject $300 million into the project.

Speaking in Landsborough this morning, Leader Tim Nicholls said his party's commitment would deliver 150 extra train services with the intention of securing matched funding from the Federal Government.

The project is expected to ease congestion with construction to support more than 1800 jobs.

Mr Nicholls said the once-in-a-generation project would be a game changer.

"We will start and get cracking on the duplication of the Sunshine Coast railway," he said.

"We will start work on the 17km track from Beerburrum to Nambour."

Mr Nicholls acknowledged the project had been called upon for years.

Opposition spokesman for Transport and Glass House MP Andrew Powell said the line was currently a single rail track.

"Our commitment will deliver a duplicate line from Berburrum to Landsborough and restart planning to fix the line to Nambour," he said.

The LNP did not outline a construction or completion date.