Manscaping tips to help you get lucky

MY FRIEND Phil, a retired London hairdresser, recently observed how many attractive, well-groomed women over 40 he sees - and how few men. No offence to all the guys out there wearing their trendy t-shirts, or loafers.

But if more blokes realised how greatly a good haircut and a nicely fitted pair of designer jeans could increase their chances of sex, I think this situation would change dramatically.

A little manscaping doesn't hurt either - cultivate a bit of designer stubble and get rid of that beard, make sure you have good teeth (and breath) and wear a touch of aftershave or just smell good from a soapy shower.

"The most a man will slap on his face is sunblock," says Phil. And how many men do you know who would willingly pay $80 for a haircut, or $200 for a shirt?

A 2013 study by the Huffington Post found 35% of women use one or two beauty products daily, while 17% use three or four products a day. Meanwhile, the majority of men (54%) don't use a single product when getting ready in the morning.

Meanwhile a One Poll survey of 2000 women found they spent more than 100 hours on 30 trips to shop for clothes, 15 shoe-shopping excursions taking 40 hours, and a full 50 hours a year window shopping. No word on what men were doing but I'm betting they were probably playing sport, having a beer, or watching the football on TV. And good on them, although they diminished their chances of getting lucky by not going along to hold the shopping bags.

This is life, unless you live in manscaped Europe.

Of course if you're game you can always take on a man who needs a bit of style help - I think real estate agents call it a "fixer upper".

"When I met my husband he was so sexy, still is," says Michaela.

"But his clothing just needed a little tweaking. He had a favourite black jacket, black steel-capped boots and a budget haircut.

"I think the worst things were the double pluggers (black yobbo thongs) and footy jumper. And he couldn't leave the house without taking the Esky. We stayed at a posh hotel and it came along. Call me a snob, I don't care." These days he looks "super hot" in a sports polo.

"Slowly his taste has adapted," says Michaela, who denies she went full makeover, although the double pluggers and footy jumper are no more.

So for all the blokes out there, bemoaning their lack of sex, here are some sure-fire get-luckier grooming techniques. Combine them with a bit of flirting or good manners.

  • Teeth cleaned and whitened
  • A facial where blackheads and other nasties are dealt with
  • A good haircut - ditch the DIY or the comb over
  • A pedicure so those hairy feet with hangnails can be seen in sandals
  • A hairy nose and ear trim - get the barber to do it
  • A little bit of back waxing
  • A nice fitting pair of jeans and good cotton shirt to go with it - don't tuck it in
  • Some evidence of exercise besides changing the channel
  • A little aftershave
  • Good luck.

Helen Hawkes is a life and wellness coach. Contact her through or on 0403 805 001.