FUN FOR ALL: Gympie comedian Geoff Stern will perform at Club 88 this Saturday.
FUN FOR ALL: Gympie comedian Geoff Stern will perform at Club 88 this Saturday. Philippe Coquerand

Look out! Gympie funny man is back in town after 35 years

THE adage laughter is the best medicine rings true for home-grown comedian Geoff Stern who's launching a comedy show each month in the Gympie region.

The show's official opening is this Saturday at Club 88 featuring Aaron Pratt, Sam Bowden, James Matthews, Joshua Wessling, Mark Kram, Anna Brennan, Bob Condon and Geoff Stern.

Geoff said he wanted to bring back a bit of laughter to the region.

"The whole idea is to bring a little bit of humour to Gympie and I'm now based here full time,” he said.

"I moved back here after 35 years away and I'm a professional comedian and the majority of acts we bring, especially the head-liners, are all full-time professional comedians.”

Admission to the shows, which will be held once a month, is $10.

"We had 70 different comedians initially put up their hands to be involved from as far as New Zealand and, for our second show, we have one who is from Brazil,” Geoff said.

"He was over here doing a comedy tour and had a free week, he asked if I had something in November and I replied 'yes' so he'll be there.”

Geoff said it's not just about entertainment, but also about fostering local talent.

"Growing up in Gympie I always found everyone hysterical, I've always looked at the funny side of life,” he said.

"Comedians think things differently and there's a lot of funny s--- that happens in this town, a lot of funny personalities and funny people.”

Geoff said his comedy show will allow people to go on stage and have a go from 6.30-7.30pm, just before the main acts start at 7.30.

"They can bring their family and friends, get free entry, have a few drinks and just get up on stage, but in an environment where people have come to be entertained,” he said.

"Even if there's 20-30 people, it's a nice ice-breaker for them and they'll have other professional comedians there to give them advice and support.”

Don't miss the Golden Nuggets comedy show this Saturday at Club 88. Doors open at 6.30pm with the main show from 7.30.