SPECIAL: Hank Duiker reflects on his time as owner of the Tin Can Bay Shopping Centre.
SPECIAL: Hank Duiker reflects on his time as owner of the Tin Can Bay Shopping Centre. Renee Albrecht

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IT'S A building steeped in Tin Can Bay's rich history, but it has stood empty "for some years now” according to owner Hank Duiker.

Mr Duiker, alongside wife Trudy and son John, became involved with the versatile Tin Can Bay Shopping Centre in 1993 - opening a coffee shop within the first two years of operation.

Reflecting on his journey as owner, following a move from Holland to Australia and a long career as a tradesman and business owner, the 85-year-old said he was "proud” of what he and his family had accomplished with the centre.


"We got here in 1984 and (the place) had been vacant for quite a few years, and I just thought I'd buy it and put up some shops,” Mr Duiker said.

"I thought the corner shop would be ideal for a coffee shop, and it was. We opened in 1995 and it was going very well.

"I bought it first for my son, but secondly I thought it would be nice for me, and it has been.”

Described by Forde Property as a "gateway to Fraser Island and Cooloola National Park”, The centre holds "seven tenancies of varied types”, including a restaurant and first floor townhouse, hairdresser and a real estate agency.

A hairdresser operates out of one space at the centre, with a neighbouring real estate agency making up the current activity on site.

Mr Duiker said he had great interest in seeing the iconic building enter a new era.

"I do have a lot of love for this place,” he said.

For more information on the property, phone Forde Property's Tom Forde on 0417 333 335 or Jessie Allen on 0419 765 971 or search the address online.