RIGHTS FOR ALL: Cheyenne Menzies and Meagan Clark give Gympie a clear message.
RIGHTS FOR ALL: Cheyenne Menzies and Meagan Clark give Gympie a clear message. Renee Albrecht

Love is love: Couple flies flag for marriage rights

LOVE is love.

The message is loud and clear on Duke St, and inside the home behind the prominent rainbow flag it is even clearer.

Meagan Clark and Chey Menzies, who have been a couple for 12 years, admit flying the rainbow flag in front of their home put them outside their comfort zone, but said it was time to put their message to Gympie.

"We just want to remind them there's gay people in the community - we do exist,” Meagan said.

"It's time to spread the love in town,” she said.

"Love is love.”

The home made message has been hanging since the Federal government announced a people's vote on same-sex marriage in August, which the pair said has sparked a bout of homophobia nationwide.

Despite the couple feeling safe in Gympie, cemented with finding random notes of support in their letterbox, they believe the national feeling among gay people is very low.

Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
A random note of support found in the letterbox. Renee Albrecht

"We get down about it - we feel like we're on show and being judged for it,” Meagan said.

"It's really hard to be gay in Australia at the moment and for people who don't have a good network - it's really quite dangerous.”

"We're just lucky we have each other,” Meagan said.

The couple who said it was "literally love at first sight” when they met in a pub in Brisbane more than a decade ago, are tired of the ongoing rhetoric.

"If this doesn't pass we don't want to live here any more. It doesn't feel right to live in a country that doesn't support us,” Meagan said.

They said they do not want to stop anyone from having their rights, but people voting against gay marriage are stopping them from having theirs.

Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
The rainbow flag hanging outside Chay and Meagan's home. Renee Albrecht

"Gay people are just normal people, we work in the community - we are nurses, we are shop owners, people are realising we're normal,” Chey said.

While coming out "shattered pictures” for some of their relatives, the couple know they now have full support of their friends and families.

If legally allowed, the couple would get married in a heartbeat.

"We love love and romance,” Meagan said.

"It's the last step of a relationship- we've got so much love and we want to bind it together,” Chey said.