Love Island's Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir have called it quits.
Love Island's Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir have called it quits.

Bizarre twist in sudden Love Island split

THE shock breakup of Love Island's winning couple has taken a bizarre turn, with a "he said, she said" battle playing out on live radio this morning.

Tayla Damir devastated fans yesterday by revealing she'd dumped Grant Crapp - less than two weeks after the pair won the reality dating show and split the $50,000 prize money - explaining that she'd been unable to trust him again after discovering he'd had a girlfriend when he entered the villa.

"Obviously I'm heartbroken. It was a big shock to the system," she told Nine's The Fix .

"I still respect him as a person and I just think he's young and he's made a massively bad decision, and didn't really think of the consequences that maybe a girl would have fallen in love with him, which just happened to be me."

A devastated Grant turned up on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, claiming Tayla had broken his heart, and that the whole thing had been "a bit unexpected".

"We had had a conversation, but it was news to me that it (the announcement) was posted online … I kind of knew that (announcement) was going to happen, but I just never expected it to be on Instagram so quickly."


The relationship lasted just five weeks in total. Supplied by Channel 9
The relationship lasted just five weeks in total. Supplied by Channel 9

Grant claimed that they'd had what he'd thought was a "lovers' tiff" but he'd thought they'd work it out.

"In every relationship you do have arguments, and we weren't perfect, and we had a little argument that just blew out and it got to this situation unfortunately … It's just broken my heart."

Grant refused to reveal what the actual fight was about (although it's a safe bet that the secret girlfriend was certainly thrown in there somewhere), simply telling the hosts it was "a few things".

Despite the brutal breakup, Grant said he had been trying to get in touch with Tayla in the hopes of maybe working things out.

"I fell in love with Tayla and I still do love the girl. I went through an amazing experience with her," he said.

But just moments later, Tayla herself turned up on the show to rubbish his story, claiming it was actually him giving her the silent treatment.

"Even since this breakup happened, there's still lies … Saying he's trying to get in contact with me, I'm trying to contact him - it's the other way around," she said.

"He's ignoring my messages … It's just really sad that he has to continue to hurt me."

Tayla also made it very clear that she'd never take him back.

"I'd say I'm the heartbroken one, considering it's me who's been through the ringer," she said, explaining that he'd had plenty of opportunities to fix their relationship.

"I've given him 10 days since we've been back to try and repair it, and it hasn't been repaired, so I don't know what else I can do."