SECURITY CHANGES: Mackay clubs will see changes to ID scanning.
SECURITY CHANGES: Mackay clubs will see changes to ID scanning. Warren Lynam

Mackay club scene to see security requirements tweaked

A DECISION to tweak security guard requirements for some venues won't change much for Cartel Night Club, but its boss says the streets are safer since ID scanning came in.

The State Government has dropped the need for a licenced crowd controller (security guard) to scan IDs, citing concerns the requirement posed "a significant financial impost" on businesses.

"The guideline has been amended to allow an ID scanner operator to be unlicenced on the condition they are supervised indirectly by a licenced crowd controller on duty on the licenced premises," Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D'Ath said.

Cartel Night Club managing partner Michael Delaney says he already has just one staff member, his security guard, scanning IDs and checking them manually.

"It's not going to affect us because by law, security guards still have to check the ID manually," he said.

"If we wanted to we could put someone on the scanner and have a security guard check them after," he said.

But hiring that extra staff member would cost him more, so he's not planning to change.

Mr Delaney said it was much safer for punters since ID scanners were introduced.

"I believe the ID scanners made a positive impact, becuase all the scanners are linked throughout Queensland," he said.

"So if we have someone who's fighting...or causing violence or harrassment in a night club down in Brisbane, we know about it in Mackay."

When a person is marked as banned on the system every venue will see that straight away.

"It's improved safety in the street and safety in the venue," he said.

"Obviously we still get clowns fighting.

"But people are very hesitant to fight, anymore, because they get banned. They're having to go home as a punishment."

Operators can seek further information by calling 13 74 68