Push for crocodile cull in NQ.
Push for crocodile cull in NQ. Contributed

Mackay Conservation Group labels croc claims 'fearmongering'

AHEAD of a public hearing on the Safer Waterways Bill in Mackay today, conservationists are calling on Queensland Parliament's Innovations, Tourism Development and Environment Committee to reject legislation that would reintroduce what they label the "mass slaughter" of wild crocodiles in the state.

It comes after a fiery debate about crocodile culling on Monday night's ABC Q&A in Mackay, where Greens Senator Larrissa Waters claimed those taken by crocodiles were probably drunk stumbling into the water after dark.

Mackay Conservation Group coordinator Peter McCallum said while crocodiles do pose a threat to human life, the risk has been "overblown" and disputes claims by federal MP Bob Katter that a person is killed by a crocodile every three months in North Queensland.

"Since 1985 there have been 11 fatal crocodile attacks in Queensland. That's about one every three years," Mr McCallum said.

"By comparison one Australian dies from complications of bee sting every six months.

"It's easy to drum up fear, even when the threat is minimal.

"Mackay Conservation Group will be calling on the committee to reject fearmongering and rely on the clear scientific evidence when making its recommendation on the proposed law."

Crocs south of the Boyne River

A map showing confirmed and reported sightings of crocodiles south of their accepted range.